I’m interested in understanding how physical and biological processes interact across local and regional scales to shape salt marsh and mangrove forest environments and the communities which rely on them. 

My research focuses on coastal biogeomorphology, socio-ecological systems, and ecosystem service sustainability. 

My research interests cover hydrological monitoring, geomorphic change detection, Blue Carbon, geographic information systems, spatial statistics, citizen science schemes, and practical management tool development.

Cai J. T. Ladd

current role

The status of the delta fringe can act as an early warning signal for the entire delta social-ecological system (SES). WP4 will characterize coastal social-ecological tipping points. Through innovative and holistic multi-stakeholder approaches, WP4 will, for the first time, characterise tipping-point thresholds, risks and opportunities for coastal areas. Using this knowledge, we will propose delta-level interventions to avoid negative tipping points and favour positive transformation towards desired SES states.

previous roles

Carbon Sequestration in Intertidal Environments (C-SIDE) is striving to produce the first large-scale empirical study of saltmarsh carbon storage, accretion rates, its drivers and the long-term stability/resilience of these stores. The outcomes of the work will provide practical guidance for coastal managers and inform shoreline policy to safeguard carbon storage in the intertidal zone.

places i've worked...