channel-marsh interaction
Patterns of saltmarsh erosion and expansion in response to tidal channel migration.
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grazing fronts
Role of crab grazing in triggering saltmarsh degradation.
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carbon mapping
Best-practice for estimating marsh-scale soil carbon content.
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delta tipping points
Review of tipping points in socio-ecological systems in river deltas.
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Mini Buoys

The Mini Buoy is a low-cost and easy-to-assemble device that measures currents, waves, and tides using accelerometers.

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Saltmarsh change

Salt marshes are ephemeral landscapes, which commonly erode and expand by tens of metres a year. Understanding historical patterns of marsh change and identifying the drivers which cause change can help  predict how marshes will likely change in the future. 

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Processes & management

For centuries, saltmarshes around the world have been lost to land claim. What’s left is now threatened by climate change and use of the coast by people. My review discusses the latest knowledge on the processes of saltmarsh expansion and erosion, and how attitudes towards saltmarsh management have changed over the years.

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The Citizen Science project that saw over 100 volunteers gather soil cores from saltmarshes across Great Britain.

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